I gotta admit, I never saw this coming.

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The Biden administration has unveiled a plan to tax unrealized capital gains.

President Joe Biden will propose a minimum 20% tax rate that would hit both the income and unrealized capital gains of U.S. households worth more than $100 million as part of his budget proposal to be released on Monday.

The plan — called the “Billionaire Minimum Income Tax” by the White House — represents the most aggressive proposal by the administration yet in Biden’s efforts to increase taxation on the wealthiest Americans.

If enacted, the tax would generate an estimated $360 billion in new revenue over the next decade, representing more than a third of the White House’s projected $1 trillion cut to deficit spending over that period.

Yeah, you can forget that “cut to deficit spending” because the Biden administration’s proposed spending in their next budget is over $5 trillion.

  • President Joe Biden will propose…

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2 thoughts on “I gotta admit, I never saw this coming.”

  1. Al
    I knew the guy was fucked up, but who could have ever thought it would be to this degree – he and his socialist far left comrades are definitely out to destroy and take over the country. No patriotic American would ever pull the shit he’s pulling

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    1. You are absolutely correct. Not even our constitution protects us from this, when you have the crap the follows it; Harris, Pelosi…….. It would take drastic ………only straw/last straw action from us…..something revolutionary.


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