Gay Kindergarten Teacher: This Law Impacts My Ability To Talk About My Sex Life With Five Year Olds | Grooming Kids

Something is seriously wrong if these are accurate numbers (which I doubt), and if they are the PROBLEM starts at home! (Arlin Report comment)

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He also says he will “follow the discretion” of his kindergarten students in discussing his homosexuality, and if they want to discuss his “partner,” he will….

This groomer says he finds words like “indoctrinating” kids into homosexuality “hurtful.”

Oh, well — we wouldn’t want an adult man to experience any discomfort.

Discomfort is forkindergarteners!

But the word “indoctrine” — and the word “groom” — are completely appropriate.

What else would you call it when a teacher brags that over 60% of her students have “come out” to her as some kind of LBGT?

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