Is there no end to the lies and deceit …..

That is why accountability is gone, that is why they stay on the path of total corruption. They get away with it all. Washington is not punished for their crimes against the people! (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

Bombshell: CIA Officer Openly Confesses To Rigging 2020 Election For Joe Biden And Says They Would Do It Again

It is an outrage and a shame that no one from either side of the fence can be trusted or taking for their word.

Going back in THE OLD DAYS, there was a certain degree of trust and faith that could be accepted by people of power and particular positions/occupations. Those days are long gone and I’m afraid will never return.

With all of the allegations at every level and on every topic, flying in from every direction of criminal activity, I have yet to see of the supposedly law-breakers/culprits go to the gallows for their illicit activities.

Who in the hell knows if this CIA official is telling the truth or not. If these allegations were true, why hasn’t legal actions be taken against the perpetrators??

To put it in…

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