What Does The Bible Have To Do With Natural Law And The Founding Of The United States?


NOTE: When I first started this blog, I had no idea how well it was named. I named it, ‘The Road To Concord,’ because I intended to write about the historic path which lead to the foundation of this nation. At the time, I figured that path would deal mostly with philosophical ideas. I had no idea how much of a role faith would come to play in it. However, the more I research the founding of this nation, and more than that, the more I researched the men and women who founded it, the more I realized that Faith was the central point of this nation. Had it not been for the Reformation and Great Awakening, this nation most likely would not have been. It certainly would not have been as it was. What’s more, this is not my opinion: it is what the Founders boldly and clearly asserted…

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