“The Words ‘Frail, Doddery and Confused’ Really Do Apply to the Resident of the White House” – Foreign Press After Biden’s Visit to Europe — The Gateway Pundit

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What a disaster this past week has been for the Biden Administration. Biden’s trip to Europe turned out as expected to those of us who have watched him since taking over the White House. Now the world knows Biden’s out to lunch.

What could go wrong when the leader of the free world is senile and his Secretary of State has family ties to George Soros? Well, we saw what could go wrong last week. Everything.

The Biden gang is now spending all its time cleaning up for the many blunders Joe Biden made on his trip to Europe.Although the Mainstream Media won’t report it, Biden made numerous blunders on this trip. He said that “sanctions never deter”but this was in total contrast to what he has said before.

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