Putin Told “Get Out!” by BIDEN

The world would not miss Biden or Putin, the world would be much better off. There are a couple more that can go hang out with Putin and Biden, one in China another in North Korea.

Hoboduke Nonsense

Polling numbers right now for President Joe Biden reassure me that people in our United States of America are smarter than the White House. Propaganda tacticians staged Political Theater with President “Joe” sitting with our soldiers in Poland. Joe had his mouth stuffed full of pizza before the military were served a meal. I was not aware that our government is starving our fearless leader. Our 46th president has 54% of USA “disapprove” of his performance {Reuters Poll}. (Disapprove is a nice way of asking him to GET OUT!)

How can we make Russia and USA happy now? The Perfect Solution; Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin both retire for “health reasons” now. Russia and USA are both getting sick of both of them.

Nobody gave him the authority to order Vladimir Putin out of elected office. But that is our Joe Biden stuffing his foot into his big mouth (again)!…

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