What’s the Elite Have in Store for Us Next?


The difference between the one that is coming and all the ones that preceded it is that this one isn’t happening by accident.

The recession you are about to endure is no mistake; it was conceived, planned and orchestrated by the billionaire conspirators, it will last for years and it will usher in the Great Reset and the New World Order.

Once the recession is properly under way the game will be over, the war will be lost and the conspirators will have won.

(They’ve been calling me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for years so it gives me a little light amusement to call them the conspirators. When a bunch of billionaires and assorted evil bastards conspire to take over the world, it seems fair enough to describe them as conspirators.)

The recession was guaranteed and triggered when company bosses were pressured by tiny groups of lobbyists to plan their businesses…

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