Proverbs 16:3

The Butcher Shop

COMMIT your WORK to the Lord, and your PLANS will be ESTABLISHED (by God).

How many times in Life have you heard the phrase, “Saying…and Doing…are two different things”?

I certainly have…as it was directed directly at me. My excuse…I forgot to take out the trash? Or, while caught with my hand in the cookie jar…trying my best to explain WHY I wasn’t really intending to remove that delicious cookie…just wanted to smell that delectable morsel of awesomeness. Believe that? Yeah, me neither.

Isn’t that how we sometimes treat our promises we’ve made to God? Oh, we sure TALK a great game when we throw down our bold pledges to our Heavenly Father…and stand up with our chest out saying that we will promote the “Good News” of our King of Glory, Jesus throughout this dark World…so they may finally see His Marvelous LIGHT of Salvation and LOVE…but have we…

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