Nikkei Asia

This is a sign! Sleepy, senile, stammering Joe Biden walking down the stairs unassisted in Brussels (hours ago), no handlers around. This is not a sign that Biden is stable, it is a sign that his handlers have their fingers crossed that he will actually stumble and goofy Joe will be removed. Rumors have it the “loyal” Biden Administration are searching for a way to get him OUT of office. Joe wouldn’t be leaving alone either, the White House staff is petrified of Kamala Harris as well, if not more so.

Look for less assistance from Joe’s staff in the future, his gaffes, stumbles and blankness is sure to increase. Like the Left’s Democratic Socialist’s policy they won’t even attempt to hide it.

Further embarrassment on it’s way, just wait for it! Biden is in Brussels entertaining! It will undoubtedly be a comedy.


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