TRANSLATING PROGRESSIVISM: Biden’s Warning About A Putin Cyber Attack

Things Biden has been correct on: An invasion………..something he himself did not orchestra (he isn’t smart enough), but simply knew about and went along with. One of the reasons he was placed in the Oval Office of the White House, to be a fake front man for all that is planned behind the scenes. Biden is in favor of destroying our nation and independence for the globes New World Order (One world government). This has been PLANNED for quite some time. (Biden is a mere puppet), It took someone with a high level of ignorance to play along, and bribes. BIDEN IS A TRAITOR. (Arlin Report)


Have you seen this story yet? If so, do not assume that it can be taken at face value:

Biden warns of possible cyberattack from Russia on critical infrastructure:’It’s coming’

Before I explain why I am trepidatious about this story, let me remind you of something FDR once said and which I have come to regard as the starting point for evaluating everything I see, read and hear coming from our government and its media apparatus:

OK, here is how I do the math on this story. I start by assuming I can take FDR to the bank here, which then means I need to also assume that whatever is about to happen regarding Biden’s ‘warning’ has been planned. Then, add in the fact that our government has a well-established history of conducting false-flag operations against its own people. Finally, I factor in the fact that what is happening in…

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