“I’m on Team Standard Time, and I Don’t Support The Bill…”

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What the Daylight Saving Time Bill Says About Washington


By Bill Scher at realclearpolitics:

March 21, 2022What the Daylight Saving Time Bill Says About Washington

On March 9, 2022, a bill was introduced in theU.S.Senate to make Daylight Saving Time permanent and end the practice of changing our clocks twice a year. On March 15, the Senate passed that bill, called theSunshine Protection Act. For a legislative body like the Senate, known for its byzantine rules and maddening filibusters, passinglegislation in just six days is shocking. Why was the Senate able to move so quickly, and what does it tell us about how Washington works today?

We know the basics about what happened from Buzzfeed’s Paul McLeod. The Senate’s parliamentary minefield can be circumvented through a procedure known as “unanimous consent,” which means just what it implies and is rarely successful since at least one senator usually raises an objection. Apparently, the Daylight Saving Time bill passed not because…

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