Getting Close To The Biden “House”

Looks like another Biden, Lefty screw up.

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White House Snub Rankles Truckers and Railroads


ByPhilip Wegmann- RCP Staff

March 18, 2022White House Snub Rankles Truckers and Railroads

In the Eisenhower Office Building, just across the street from the White House on Tuesday, a select group of businesses were gathered around a board room table with key Biden administration officials to discuss a new data-sharing initiative between industry and government.

It was a complicated plan meant to streamline supply chain data, hopefully adding another tool to the White House arsenal in the fight against inflation. And its bureaucratic name was a mouthful.

“Freight Logistics Optimization Works,” Pete Buttigieg said, reading slowly from his notes then pausing to joke, “I’m going to try to memorize what that stands for.” Everyone laughed. “I think we will just go with ‘FLOW’ at the outset,” the transportation secretary added. More laughter.

Later, John Porcari, a key figure in the White House supply chain task…

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