Prime swampland for sale ….

The Goomba Gazette


Get it while it lasts folks, only 40,000 hectures left.With each sale, comes with a 10 year supply of prime – grade A alligator meat

MSNBC, CNN, PBS embrace Biden rhetoric on inflation, #gas-price-hike: ‘Putin’s price hike a great’ message

#Embraces; is that the same as #ass-kissing only lower???

CNN, MSNBC and more unabashedly repeated Biden’s ‘#Putin-price-hike’ phrase.

These #fools, the #liberal-media are so gullible (#gullibility and #stupidity are first cousins) the ladies even believe that their old man was out playing cards last night, when he was laying pipe (getting laid), or the men believe their old lady was at a Tupper wear party until 0400.

There is a fool born every second millisecond; these qullible, brainwashed fools must all have the same birthday.

We are not supposed to think for one second, a good percentage the outragious price increases…

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