They are probably looking for a Hillary Judge. You know the type, where Hillary has stuff on him and threatens to kill him/her if he/she doesn’t cover for her (Hillary). It’s a Swamp thing!


Royal Patriot

Durham Case Will Not Be Thrown Out, Judge Decides

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last week, the federal judge in the case against former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann rejected a defense motion to strike certain information from Special Counsel John Durham’s February court filing that caused a media uproar.

Sussman was charged in September for lying to the FBI when interviewed by former FBI general counsel James Baker during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the phony claims of Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

According to the indictment, Sussman falsely stated that he was not representing any client when he brought allegations of a secret back channel of communication between the Trump organization and a Russian bank.

On February 11, Special Counsel Durham had filed a motion to inquire into Sussman’s potential conflict of interests. The motion included details that revived the controversy that the Clinton campaign had spied…

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