Biden: Everybody Knows Someone Whose Friend Has Taken Naked Pictures of Them and Blackmailed Them

Maybe in this guys world. This dude is a dipshit.

What Did You Say?

Reported By Richard Moorhead | March 16, 2022


President Joe Biden struggled mightily when speaking at a Wednesday press conference. Biden was speaking at an event in which the Violence Against Women Act was being reauthorized. The act provides resources for the federal government to prosecute domestic violence.

Biden claimed that every American knows somebody who has been the victim of revenge porn, to the extent that they were “blackmailed” on the internet.

said Biden of the new version of the legislation.

said Biden, not exactly providing the clearest explanation.

President Biden’s son Hunter gave a laptop to a computer repair shop owner that contained…

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4 thoughts on “Biden: Everybody Knows Someone Whose Friend Has Taken Naked Pictures of Them and Blackmailed Them”

  1. 2 times the mainstream media has absolutely zero interest in sex scandals, Hunter’s laptop and the fact no one who had sex with underage girl’s on Epstein Island has been arrested.

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    1. And I heard Epstein’s madam may end up walking as well. Somehow someone connected to the jury has an Epstein connection, and they may call a miss trial. Which is ridiculous, that should make it more apparent she is guilty. The system is freaking crooked.


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