Nobody Is Buying Biden’s Bull – Inflation Is His – He Created It – He Owns It — The Gateway Pundit

See, he lies about everything but especially his own performance. This isn’t new, Biden has lied his entire career. He has even taken credit for things he had little to nothing to do with. (Arlin Report comment)

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Biden’s attempts to change the blame for inflation from his insane actions and inactions to others has failed. Americans see right through Biden’s bull.

President Trump released a statement where he notes the blame game Biden is trying is failing with Americans.

President Trump is referring to an article out of theLas Vegas Review-Journal:

President Joe Biden’s blame shifting on inflation is a sight to behold. It’s even too much for some officials from past Democratic administrations.

Last year, Mr. Biden said the ongoing rise in inflation would be temporary. When NBC’s Lester Holt pressed him recently as to why the rise has continued, the president called Mr. Holt a “wise guy” and blamed the supply chain crisis.

Insults aside, Mr. Holt was right to press Mr. Biden. Inflationhit 7.5 percent in January, the highest figure in four decades.

Americans aren’t buying Biden’s bull as well…

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