Biden’s Crypto Executive Order: What You Need to Know

Biden screws up everything he has his corrupt paws on! Has his entire political life, except landing corrupt money. He isn’t really good at that either, he can’t hide it. It’s just the system is as corrupt as he and like Hillary he needs a system to cover for him. So, back to the topic, what makes us think Biden could possibly get this right on the crypto currency? Sounds a bit complicated, failure is certain!! (Arlin Report comment)


It’s for your protection!!! See 3:10.

Biden as crypto currency expert. Just when you think you have heard everything.

Be seeing you

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One thought on “Biden’s Crypto Executive Order: What You Need to Know”

  1. It’s best to build a one year supply of dry food, two years total living expense in precious metals and be involved in local politics. But, if you’re going to acquire cryptocurrency, do it in a way that’s outside the purview of .gov or stay away from it.


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