TMC & Kamikaze gotta be related somehow ……

The Goomba Gazette

Unite against nuclear Iran – Biden’s new deal more dangerous than the original

New nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terror, could be concluded within days

Kamikaze Joe and TMC must be blood brothers from different fathers. They both have the same #incomprehensible, #liberal, anti American mentality which has literally put the USA in dire straits by all the stupid moves they made. I continue to ask the question; whose side are they on anyway??

First we had TMC in all of his benevolence to Iran’s cause, released billions and gave them billions of dollars to Iran making it possible for them too finance their war against us. TMC was so kind, and consider it he even palletized the money for them.

Ain’t this a BITCH – To the best of my knowledge there has never been an explanation by TMC for this illegal giveaway


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