We Knew Forty Years Ago This Biden Was Allergic To TRUTH!

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We Knew Before He Took Office That Joe Biden Would Set Foreign Policy On Fire


MARCH 09, 2022

Joe biden at the presidential debates

Low public interest in foreign policy and a biased media resulted in little scrutiny of Joe Biden’s extensive foreign policy failures.

Author Helen Raleigh profile

HELEN RALEIGH at the Federalist:

American voters usually prioritize domestic issues over foreign policy during presidential elections. But several major blunders just in President Biden’s first year show the danger of not closely scrutinizing presidential candidates’ records on foreign policy.

During the 2020 election, foreign policy-related questions barely came up in any of the debates between President Donald Trump and Biden. The presidential debate commission in factpulledforeign policy from their debate topics, perhaps to hide Biden’s weakness.

A YouGovsurveyin 2020 showed that 77 percent of Americans believed domestic issues were more important than foreign policy when choosing the next U.S. president.Additionally, people may have…

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