i was going to post an article today on canvas levels, but I found this video and this guy does a great job explaining. I have meant to post more on my experience(s) in painting and to exhibit some of my work. I am going to start with canvas(s). I recently purchased a value pack of Artist’s Loft canvas, a 3 pack. I opened the pack and was disappointed that you could see some blemishes, which will probably be covered up with the paint (not a big deal). I don’t like it when the framing bar (wood) down the center shows through. Sometimes it shows through even after you apply paint. So, I recommend that you only use the value pack canvas to PRACTICE on, of course unless you find one that really does not do all those things I just mentioned. The value packs or kind of lower in quality than the level 1, 2 and 3s. You get what you pay for right! Again, may be great for beginners and for practice. I’ve used value packs in the past, and had little problem. You may see issues with canvas with the bigger canvas. Usually, value packs don’t get bigger than 16 x 20 inch canvas. However, the value pack I just bought was 18 x 24, probably why I noticed the above issues mentioned.

This guy does a great job explaining the different canvas levels. I am going with the Level 2s from now on. I do currently have a couple of Level 3 wrap around canvas in my studio. You can definitely tell the difference (they are more expensive).

The Artist’s Loft canvas is the brand I normally purchase (a little less expensive) from Michael’s. I have some Master’s Touch brands in my studio as well, you can often find them on sale from Hobby Lobby. I like the Fredrix brand as well, seem well stretched, nice and tight.

Occasionally if I am searching for a canvas that is an odd size (not standard) I will go to an art supply store (not Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, there canvas’ are all standard size). Those are probably going to be a little higher in cost, unless you get there on a sale day. I have stayed away from purchasing on line, I like to see the canvas.

Why didn’t I see the blemishes etc. on the value pack when I purchased it? The plastic wrap and the labels along with the big value ribbon they wrapped around the package covered them up!

Check out the Level 2s. I think they are the best all around.

Happy painting!

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