Loony Tune Pelosi Wiggles Her Shiver Dance For America’s Loony Tune President!

MN Prager Discussion Group



A couple of observations on two strange aspects of last night’s event that have been widely commented upon. First, Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre actions while Joe Biden was talking about soldiers who were exposed to toxic “burn pits.” What on earth was she doing?


And am I the only one who thinks that, with the plastic surgery she has had, Pelosi has taken on something of the air of a high school girl, as in this performance during the SOTU?

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, in close proximity as they were last night, give off a force field of weirdness.

The second moment: Biden’s unscripted “Go get him!” at the end of his speech. Apparently no one knows what he was talking about, if anything, but it reminded me of the famous scream–“Heee-yaa!”–that led to Howard Dean’s…

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