Biden Spox Jen Psaki Sports Pink Hammer & Sickle Soviet Hat Alongside Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

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This isn’t doctored, as one might imagine. It’s from the US State Dept. Flickr Account. Are Americans finally fed up with Putin and Lavrov mocking and embarrassing the USA, as they have done for years?

Biden spox (spokesperson) Jen Psaki in her pink Soviet hat alongside Russian Foreign Minister Lovrov, when she was US Dept. of State spox (2014).

This is disrespectful to many countries that were formerly in the Soviet Bloc and in some countries this hat is illegal. While the average American might not know that a plain red star is offensive, this isn’t a plain red star. It’s also possible that those who grew up after the Cold War might not know the Hammer & Sickle, but her then boss, John Kerry, knows and someone working in Foreign Affairs, like then US Dept. of State spokesperson Jennifer Psaki, should know:
Non-communist uses of the plain red…

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