Take a good look at this photo it doesn’t take CSI expertise to notice.

Bottom line is their deception skills are really getting bad!

See the first few rolls, the seating scheme of separation. They’ll tell you it is social distancing. It may be………..for the cameras! Then look further back where people are setting side by side (as normal). So, only sections are social distancing? LOL Are they going to tell us those separated by at least one seat are the unvaccinated reps and department staffs? The others setting next to one another have been vaccinated? LOL This is hilarious. Actually there were sections where there was more than one, two, three and four seats empty between people attending. The balcony? It was loaded with empty seats. There was some separation in the center section of the balcony, possibly where the cameras would be mostly focused. The balcony directly to Biden’s right was almost totally empty.

The seat separation they had, was it a tricky thingy to make it look like there was more people there? That really doesn’t make sense (but this is our government). If you put everyone together in tight, you could make it look like all seats were occupied and keep the cameras focused on just that. But we would question……..why aren’t they showing folks in the balcony on the right side. Funny, did you ever see Biden look up to the right balcony. Maybe he did and I missed it. He would probably waved to the one or two seated there. It is usually a sold out event (sort of speak). NOT LAST NIGHT!

No matter, there were empty seats. And social distancing and COVID was not the only reason. People chose not to attend! Those that didn’t missed nothing except a pathetic man trying to justify himself pretending to be the greatest president of all time.

This was the worst of the worst.


  1. Yea, I saw that too, in the short period of time I could stomach listening to the crazy, old basterd. It sounded like he was pretending to be Trump, as he attempted to try to make it sound like he cares for our country, and not the Millions give to him and his son by Ukraine. Money is the only thing Biden cares about.

    He tried to talk about his dead son… the dead son, must’ve been the good one. They say one son is always the good one, and the other one, well,… the other one is Hunter.

    Lies, lies and more lies! Ever hear a politician lie more than Biden does? Then he started talking about Iranians, WTF, where did that come from? Pelosi and Harris must’ve had their share of adrenochrome before the thing began. Pelosi wasn’t looking like her half dead self like usual. Harris with her shit eating grin the whole time, like she might suddenly break out laughing. Pelosi standing behind Biden wringing her hands, reminded me of Diane Feinstein when Trump let her think he was writing an anti-gun bill and she could include anything she wanted.

    A night of truly evil people sitting there patting themselves on the back for such a good job well-done. I could not stomach it for long. I listened to part of it while writing legal briefs, and suddenly realized, I was going to get some poor attorney sanctioned for treating the court like the crook that it is. I had to stop that. Attorneys may be mostly arrogant assholes, but it will not be my fault that they get sanctioned for something they did not actually say. So I had to block Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of the assholes, out of my head.

    Of course they are pushing for globalism, they are traitors to this country, and don’t want to go before Nuremberg tribunals, or military tribunals in GITMO, they all know what they have done. Just like Biden’s crew giving China all of the intel on Russia, only to have China give it to Russia. What a bunch of traitors our govt. is.

    There has been nothing on our own Truckers travelling to DC. No word at all, just like no more word on the southern border, still bringing in 100,000s of people a day. Or the children being stolen and raped by the sick sons of bitches in this and other countries. Really didn’t even hear much about the recent shootings either, which really surprised the hell out of me! They want to take the guns so badly, so that the American people cannot protect themselves against all of the criminals they are refusing to prosecute, and the ones that they are letting out of the prisons.

    Yall the country is falling fast, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and God Help Us All!!!


    1. They want to take our guns so we can be overtaken like the Ukrainians. Biden doesn’t care about them or us one little bit. Your right, for him he just wants to see his bank account go up some more. They are globalist and the NATO nations are globalist. Nothing will be done about Putin’s war crimes. I’d say Biden has some against him as well…….look no further than Afghanistan. What we need is a citizens underground government………preparing for re-establishing our rights and nation back to sanity. We are smarter than they are. They just control money. But they succeed by controlling us. Basically we have become slaves. This is why Jan. 6th is still in their wheelhouse…….they know it could have been worse. They are heavily outnumbered. And…..they truly are cowards!

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      1. Yes they are cowards, And I agree we need an unground of our own, so that we can re-establish our rights. Our forefathers have overturned in their graves that we have allowed ourselves into the position we are in. I am sure they are quite ashamed of us. For all the lives that it took to get the rights we deserve, only to act like a bunch of children scared of our own shadows! I am sure that it not only shocked our forefathers, but it shocked God as well. He gave us more sense than that. Now, the evil has overtaken everything. These evil demons, taking adrenochrome, and thinking they will live forever, what we have done (which is absolutely nothing) about it, is unforgiveable at best.
        How many children disappear every day? Way too many, and we stand around with our finger in our ear, and let it happen.

        January 6… Shows exactly what they want for those of us who resist their tyranny. If we won’t take their death shots and die, we can rot in jail, while being ignored and mistreated. War crimes at the highest level. We are at war with our own govt., and Socialist Leader Biden needs to go before the military tribunal for crimes against humanity. Of course, it’s not Biden though. He is bad for spending all of this time in politics, but hell, we let him. We let all of those people inherit their positions of power. We have let it go on for so long, we can’t stop it now.

        We are doomed to repeat history over, and over and over again.
        There is a show on Youtube called The Greatest Story. There are around 45 of the shows now. They last for 30 seconds to 5 minutes each. I think everyone should see them. They are short enough that you could watch them all in an hour. But they make you think, make you wonder.
        I forget which Globalist said it, but it amounted to, when everything that everyone believes is a lie, we know we have fulfilled our task. That is paraphrased, but it meant exactly that. After seeing The Greatest Show, I realize, yes, everything that everyone believes is a lie.


      2. That is very true. That is why I get so disgusted at people like James’s brother. Grew up in the 60s had a rockband, and he and James both rebellious. Then, his brother turned into the very kind of person that had protested against. His brother had 7 children, who seemed to be rebellious and curious enough to have common sense. He now has 13 grandchildren. His wife died a little over a year ago. Had some health issues, and we were only told that she had a heart attack. Now we know that people with issues, especially heart, and got the shot, well many died soon after the shot. If they got covid and the heart issues, well, we know the hospital more than likely inubated them and the same results, they died.
        The first thing his brother said when he called and told us, was that he wasn’t going to talk about covid.
        See, James and I never gave into turning into those we protested against. We continued with our headstrong ways, trusting no govt people, and wanting to be left alone in life, and all that.
        My question always is, why is he not doing anything, with all those children and grandchildren, does he not worry about the kind of world he leaves them? James and my children have 4 legs, and I even worry about if something happens, what will happen to them in a world such as this.
        Shit Fire! What is wrong with people.?.

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