Has the Circus Come to Town?

You got it, the bigger picture was WHAT WASN’T BEING SAID BY BIDEN! Biden frightens me more than Putin, his ignorance alone. (Arlin Report comment)


From what I have been seeing, the Russian troops are pretty young and not crazy about fighting. Now there is this report of Ukraine forcibly conscripting young civilians to fight the Russians. Just what the heck is going on here? Sort of like dog fights for entertainment and betting purposes. Is it possible that this is just a distraction put on by the NWO to muddy the waters and distract the sheep (and even critical thinkers from what they are really doing? Now is an important time to watch the news to see what is being covered up. Never trust the political leadership of any nation, and definitely not you own. What is Brandon going to shove down our throats in the state of the union tonight? Best to pay close attention to what is NOT being said and what the underlying message is.


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