Putin himself was a former KGB thug.

Russia and China fear freedom, free people. They fear their own people once they get a taste of it, will like true freedom (as true as it can be). The U.S. government fear it’s own people as well, more so than anyone or any other nation. Keep our freedom at all costs! (Arlin Report comment)

MN Prager Discussion Group

February 28, 2022

American Appeasement of Russia Led to War in Ukraine

By Daniel Duffy at American Thinker:

As I write this, the first shells are exploding in Ukraine in what promises to be the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945.The most frustrating part is that this was all preventable.This was not an unseen, spontaneous natural disaster.The lessons of history are there for us to learn from, but the West has willfully ignored them.A long chain of appeasement that runs across administrations and countries has emboldened Putin and resurrected his dream of a revived Soviet Union.

It’s important to understand the nature of Russia.For all intents and purposes, Russia is a dictatorship.Putin himself was a former KGB thug.He has the vast power of the government, economy, and media.Its “elections” are mere political theater.In 2011, massive crowds in Russia protested his rigged “re-election.”The leading pro-democracy activist, Alexei Navalny, was poisoned by…

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