Aloe Vera juices

This is not an advertisement for Fruit of the Earth for this Aloe Vera product. I did however just purchase a couple of bottles identical to this. I am not being paid for this post, advertising as such. I actually am it this moment drinking my first glass (8 oz.). The 99.8% pure aloe that I am drinking does not have a particularly good taste, not bad but not what I would consider good. A beer is easier to drink. The smell isn’t great either! Having said all that, it does come in a couple of flavors, blueberry, blackberry and wild berry; which would probably give it a more pleasant taste.

I wanted the 99.8% pure edition as I bought this as an experiment for weight loss. The flavored juices may not have as much impact on weight loss as the more pure one would have. So, for now I will sacrifice taste. The taste is tolerable. I read a blog earlier today that Aloe Vera is a good weight loss supplement.

I will let you know how the experiment progresses.

Also, just to mention there are other brands of Aloe Vera juice. I just happen to find this at my least favorite store to shop …………Walmart! You can get the other flavors from Walmart of this brand though. Later, I may try one of the other brands if I can find it. I’d rather shop somewhere else than Walmart. The pharmacies may have it as well.

Definitely not an ad for Walmart either!

Just finished the first glass……..straight from the bottle, I didn’t mix it with anything else, which you can do. I survived, didn’t choke or anything. Probably safer than COVID Vaccines! 🙂

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