Ukrainian President Zelensky Tells Russia to Pound Sand — and Hits Joe Biden’s Impotence | Redstate

Also, BIden’s offer to Zelenskyy for free passage out of the Ukraine, TO RUN, could be taken as Biden taking sides with Putin telling Ukrainians to lay down their arms and overtake their leadership.

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AP Photo/Ronald Zak
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is remaining in Kyiv as the city remains under intense assault from Russian forces desperately trying to take the capital city. As we’ve reported, Vladimir Putin’s forces have suffered heavy losses over the first few days of the invasion, running into resistance they clearly didn’t expect.

On Friday, Russia offered terms of peace that amounted to a full capitulation, demanding neutrality, ceding of territory, and disarmament. The Ukrainians did not immediately respond, indicating they might be willing to negotiate. That appears to no longer be the case, though, with Zelensky telling the Russians to pound sand.

If the Ukrainians have the resolve to continue fighting, and there’s every reason to believe they do, this is the right move. Putin’s terms were laughably one-sided, and to go to the negotiating table so quickly would itself represent a major concession by Ukraine. This invasion is…

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