Not fighting the Russians in the Ukraine……..but maybe later?

So Jen Psaki, Biden’s mouth piece, reiterated that we (the U.S.) were not going into the Ukraine……that we were not going to fight the Russians! QUESTION: Then why did we send more troops to Europe? I know so we can support and build up the NATO forces to protect the Baltic states. So, if Putin decides to carry on further, with his RUSSIAN military, how do we avoid not fighting the Russians? Psaki said we do not want to fight the Russians. Are our troops just for show? Just to satisfy our NATO obligations. Are the American forces going to stand down if Russians show up and invade the Baltic states?

Be careful Jen on what you say today…….and then have to defend those words on another day!

On a sidebar: The U.S. has offered Pres. Zelenskyy safe passage out of the Ukraine. So, the Biden Administration has given Zelenskyy the opportunity to abandon his country. To offer that is an insult. Is that what Biden would do………flee? Yeah probably! Zelenskyy said he needed weapons not a ride! Good for you Mr. President!

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