Ukrainian President Zelenskyy just said ‘the fate of the Ukraine is being decided right now’. Joe Biden approves $350 million military aid (from stock piles of military equipment and weapons). So when Joe Biden stated weeks ago that Russia WAS GOING TO INVADE THE UKRAINE why didn’t Biden make this approval then?? Better late than never I guess. Biden’s approval is after Russia has entered KYIV and as Zelenskyy said the fate of Ukraine is being decided now. And Super Joe if Americans are not going into the Ukraine to fight Russia how are you delivering this military aid? Air drops? Taking it to the border and telling the Ukrainians “here come and get it”?

Biden’s approval of this military aid is a political decision only, so Biden can pat himself on the back and tell the world he helped the Ukraine. In reality this is TOO LITTLE WAY TOO LATE. RUSSIA IS IN THEIR HOUSE!

Citizens of countries are demonstrating in support of the Ukraine. This does little to nothing to help the Ukrainians. They needed help before now, not after the fact.

Giving military aid to the Ukraine is like: Running out of gas 100 miles out on a desert highway, someone hands you a $10 bill and leaves telling you GOOD LUCK with the nearest gas station 100 miles away! No tow trucking coming……because they aren’t going out there. It’s too hot!

The Ukraine is finding out who their friends are! Friends don’t abandon friends. Joe Biden’s weak attempt, too little too late is to appease the American people (not working); so Biden can say “See, see what I did!”

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