Open Borders While Fighting Another’s War


Where is the UN? As one former SAS soldier now an Australian politician said, ‘We belong to the UN so we know what they are doing!’ Well, they ain’t doing anything! Anyway, Illegitimate ‘

Biden condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion, saying that “right now” there is there is a “complete rupture” in Russia-U.S. relations. He also said that Putin has ambitions beyond Ukraine, in restoring the old Soviet Union.

“America stands up to bullies,” Biden said in his remarks. “We stand up for freedom. This is who we are.”

The military effort comes after weeks of anticipation and geopolitical maneuvering between the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, and NATO nations.

“If Russia pursues cyber attacks against our companies, our critical infrastructure, we will respond,” he added.

Biden went on to say the U.S. and NATO allies have readied their forces to defend NATO member countries in the region. NATO…

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