DEMENTIA JOE DIDN’T FIGURE THIS OUT ON HIS OWN: ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY, VENTING AND THE SADNESS SO LETS TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT OR TWO! I have heard or read from more than one source that Joe Biden has, will or in the least has considered sending Border Patrol Agents from our Southern Border (that is officially a proper noun now) to Europe, specifically Poland to protect their border! I guess the thinking here is if you aren’t going to use them here at home send them where they can better serve? This is in line that Biden does not put America first! Nope…….not even close. Putin already knows we have a very weak border here in the U.S. especially on the south side. U.S. national security, not a concern, even a thought for Dementia Joe Biden. We are in a very critical time. With the Russian war against the Ukraine as a distraction, our border is wide open for some of those saboteurs Putin has sent into Kyiv, Ukraine to find their way here. I am sure Putin has plenty to spare to sprinkle (infiltrate) wherever his heart desires.

And speaking on the Russian war against the Ukraine; Biden said, “Putin is going to invade the Ukraine”. Now he said that days if not a couple of weeks ago………it was before the Olympics or during them. Biden didn’t make a prediction! He was certain! Now since being in the White House and I’d say all his political life, Biden has not gotten much of anything right. Because of his poor record and performance on international relations……..Biden did not come up with this on his own. I doubt any of his WestExc Advisors gave him this bit of info either. So how did Dementia Joe know? He was certain of that! Putin told him! Putin had to have told him weeks ago, if not months ago. Biden admitted now though, “I don’t know what he (Putin) is thinking/doing. (to paraphrase)”. Now, it has not been a secret that Putin has always had a bitter taste in his mouth about the nations that split from the USSR. He has on occasion expressed his will to get them back! But now, in 2022? The time was prime, with the weakest president in the history of the Untied States residing in the White House. Putin hit the go button. My take, to rub it in Biden’s crooked nose. Putin probably told Biden, ‘I am taking back the Ukraine Joe and there isn’t a damn thing you are going to do about it! You can’t stop me!’

WestExec Advisors LLC is a consulting firm founded in 2017 by Antony BlinkenMichèle Flournoy, Sergio Aguirre, and Nitin Chadda, all former Obama administration officials.[1][2][3]Lisa MonacoRobert O. WorkAvril HainesDavid S. Cohen, and Jen Psaki have also been WestExec employees.[4] RUNNING THE WHITE HOUSE, BIDEN’S COMMANDERS. Psaki explains everything Biden meant/tried to say. “Here is what Joe meant!”

Getting back to Putin: Now that he has gone into the Ukraine. He has to be successful. He has to achieve his objective, and he knows it! Despite meeting a greater resistance than he anticipated, underestimated, Putin will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal (probably to take back the Ukraine, not just change their government despite what he says). That said, Putin doesn’t care about the lives of his own soldiers, his military personnel. Putin only cares about results…….his! And, he does not want to be embarrassed, he will not leave until his goal has been met.

I just heard that the European nations are placing sanctions against Putin as an individual, personal sanctions. Biden has agreed to join in on the sanctions against Putin. LOL………They still won’t agree to pull Russia from the S.W.I.F.T. system…..probably because that would shut down the oil trade between Europe and Russia. They aren’t willing to go that far. I agree, every little sanction helps, it all adds up. It won’t starve Putin. Even with sanctions against him, he’ll just take what he wants. His wine and coal cellars are full!

The sadness: The Ukraine has been left alone! When was the last time a nation was left to defend themselves (their freedom) like this? NEVER! When I see people hiding below ground in the subways……and the children, I think of our nation. It is especially disturbing that our national security is not a priority for the Biden Administration. If it were our borders would not be wide open.

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