Some People Won’t Like This One,but I’ve Always Been Honest & Candid

Trump:The American Years

i will always and ferociously oppose people who are destroying our country. This includes Biden, the Democrats,their state run media, the Deep State and the Uniparty led by Pelosi and McConnell.

i don’t have the time of day for people who are disloyal and/or backstabbers.

I also don’t have any patience for people who are the kind of opportunists who take advantage of another person.There’s nothing wrong with being an opportunist who seizes the moment or a circumstance to move ahead or become successful. Our country offers opportunities you will never find anywhere else & is to be commended for it. The kind of opportunists i loathe are the ones who try to move up because they think someone else is down. Call it intuition i can spot em from miles away with few cues.

Ron De Santis is a good governor. i can tell you who is going to…

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