C-O-N-F-I-C-T ?

Here we go again! The media referring to the Russian bombing and invasion of the Ukraine as a COFLICT! The Korean War, Vietnam War were often referred to as conflicts. Gee, ask the many veterans and the families that lost loved ones (thousands) if they were conflicts. Putin essentially declared war on the Ukraine. I don’t recall our involvement in Afghanistan as a conflict. Maybe it was. I remember it as The War in Afghanistan. My son had two deployments in Afghanistan. To him, and to me it was a war. He had buddies killed. The duration does not determine whether it to be a conflict or war……….if so Vietnam by all measures was a war! If this invasion of the Ukraine only last a few days, weeks or months……….it is/was a WAR! People have already died!

Maybe you say it doesn’t matter what you call it. But if ever documented in history books and students actually read about it……..the severity of what it really is is better/properly described as war; conflict, not so much. Fact is……..words matter!

Ask the citizens of the Ukraine if they are in a war or conflict. That would be insulting……….They are fighting for their lives, for homes, for their freedom. They would tell you without hesitation they are in a war!!!

It is not the job of the media to minimize anything, though they often do. They either minimize or blow it up according to what they want it to be and try to make us believe.

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