#Failure is his first and last name …

Could not agree more!

The Goomba Gazette

Hunter Biden’s ‘#debauchery’: Judge Jeanine taps into a life of #sex, #drugs and #foreign-funding

Hunter Biden’s Burisma check was blown on #crack, #expensive-sports cars and #prostitutes



He was a failure as a father – just a #run-of-the-mill-politician – now is a #failure as the president

One thing that can be said about Joe Biden with a good deal of certainty, he is very consistent ,a failure at everything he touches.

He conducted his political affairs the same way he ruled his household; with a super liberal mentality and in both cases has fallen flat on his face; destroyed his family and now destroying this country. The facade that these people put on his absolutely astounding.

My definition of facade: Put on the 4,000.00$ tailor made suit, the $500 tie, the pinky ring on their finger, the store bought capped teeth (the Car-mella Harris phony smile) and all is…

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