President Biden Faces Serious Accusation – 15 Members Of White House Staff Came From One Firm, Experts Claim It’s “Legalized Corruption”

This is the White House run by committee (or we should say by a corporation)! Joe is not in charge. Good reason why Psaki is so opinionated. It isn’t from Joe, but from the company!


Adam Curran 4 minutes

A President’s staff always comes under heavy scrutiny, especially during the early days of the administration. And Joe Biden’s team has definitely had its fair share of criticism.

But most people might not be aware of the most questionable aspect of Biden’s staff — as it turns out, 15 members share the same connection.

And this connection might be an example of “legalized corruption,” according to several sources.

As first revealed byThe Intercept, many high-ranking members of Biden’s staff come from the same firm: WestExec.

And it may prove to be a “revolving door” for powerful positions:

‘It’s a remarkable march through the revolving door’ for the more than 15 former WestExec members to be selected for such powerful positions, ‘especially for a firm that only launched in 2017’ according to the report.

These people end up holding down multiple jobs and titles…

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