I don’t care!!

Some care, more are waking up, slowly unfortunately. Corruption has been the problem for a very long time. Instead of doing anything about it, it progressively got worse; to appoint that those who are to hold the corrupt accountable are themselves corrupt; therefore nobody is held accountable. Only a smidgeon of less than a handful (little guys) are held to accountability. They slap them on the wrist to quiet us down, so they march on with their party of corruption……..The Deep State.  We must be willing to stand up to it……up till now we have failed.  Deep State carries on!  (Arlin Report comment)


I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it, but this government is riddled with corruption! From the very top to the gofer scrabbling around in the shadows trying to make a buck. The problem is that no one seems to care… not the mayor, not the church, nor the teachers not even Mom and Dad. Let someone else that care of the mess.

This day we stand on the precipice of a world at war. Do we even care?

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