Canada’s twit fascist IN ACTION!

Key point here…..”……party line vote…..”.

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Hmmm: Canadian parliament endorses Trudeau’s Emergencies Act invocation

ED MORRISSEYFeb 22, 2022 at Hot Air:


AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis

Last week, I wondered whether Canada’s parliamentarians would go on the record in backing Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act to deal with a non-violent political protest. The act requires parliamentary approval within seven days, and in a party-line vote,the legislature upheld Trudeau’s decision.

Shameful, but thus far legal and largely predictable:

Canada’s Parliament has backed the government’s decision to impose emergency powers to deal with weeks-long protest blockades against Covid restrictions.

The motion passed with 185 votes to 151 on Monday, with the support of the Liberals and the left-leaning NDP.

But didn’t Ottawa police finally clear the trucks out of the way? Trudeau claims he won’t keep his emergency powers for long, but that the danger of more non-violent protests still remains:

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