HOW ARE WE TO KNOW? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

The “BIG LIE”. Ask most news agencies/mediums and they will of course communicate that it is Donald Trump in general but more specifically “his” (which is not just his) continuous claim that he won the 2020 Presidential Election. Now this is the same major media that tried destroying Trump during his 2016 campaign and ramped up their attacks once he was in the White House, and never gave up until he was out. Actually they are still in swift attack mode as they fear his come back and what he exposes. And as a communication medium to the American public we know that much of their attack on Trump was based on lies, fake stories, ordered fake dossiers bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and supported by the DNC, aided and abetted by Barack Obama and our one and only Joe Biden, assisted by the MEDIA. So, what is the real Big Lie………and liar?

How can we ever trust the Main Stream Media now and why would we? Are we to be like them, and just accept what we are told because that is the preferred/favored outcome, end story? You do know that the media has lied to us often enough (constantly) because they know if you tell a story often enough and long enough………people tend to believe it (even when it is filled with fiction and BS); especially when it is the only narrative being released/heard. You/we are not to believe the side that is the target (Trump). The media knows human nature………..people believe what they want to believe, and the media takes advantage of that, of our nature! We have lost the burden of proof! It is no longer necessary. Sometimes I wonder if that has become the case in courts of law?

The MSM (Main Stream Media) has become, has been a major player in a corrupt political system. They are an active player in The Deep State.

Who to believe about the Big Lie…………would a liar lie about someone they are accusing of being a liar? I think so! Who do you trust? I guess believe those that lie the least! I can’t BELIEVE that to be the media, the great spinners! It’s kind of like a fisherman’s spin bait……..IT’S FAKE, A LURE to suck you in.

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    We won’t until they garner the trust of the American people.

    Why would we ever believe them? Will the problem be – one day they will tell the truth about something and we will continue poop-ing on them. Truth/trust is hard to get back once you lose it – because trust is earned. The left media has lost the trust of the American people.

    The people who support the left believe what the media say because they don’t have the reading and writing skills to interpret what they say. Therefore they blindly follow the left which is what the left is trying to de-educate people into ignorance to blindly follow them.

    The left media is constantly throwing that fisherman’s spin bait you are referencing and they catch a “bycatch” every time because the left falls for the bait every time.

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