Reporter to Hillary Clinton: Did You Pay To Spy On The Trump Campaign? When Are You Going To Comment? | Video | RealClearPolitics

Why ask a question we already know the answer to! Why not ask why do you continue to act as though you are above the law? Oh wait, we know the answer to that as well.

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DAILY MAIL: Exclusive pictures and video obtained by show a stoney faced Clinton silently waving away repeated questions of whether she spied on Donald Trump. It comes after a Friday court filing by Special Counsel John Durham which alleged Clinton’s 2016 campaign paid a tech firm to infiltrate Trump Tower servers and later White House servers in a bid to establish a link between Donald Trump and Russia. Republicans are also calling for increased scrutiny on President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan after the longtime Democratic operative’s links to Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation were revived in the wake of a bombshell new court filing. Sullivan had been a top foreign policy adviser to Clinton’s campaign.

“Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign? When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary? Did you pay to have him spied on?” the reporter asked…

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