Report: Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Of course Hillary knew. She approved/masterminded everything about her campaign. Nothing would ever happen without her approval. That is how she operates. The more input from Hillary the more devious and corrupt the operation/campaign. To think she knew nothing is ridiculous. She carries a life long/career of corruption……..this didn’t just start with  her 2016 campaign.  She drug the DNC into her operation as well.  (Arlin Report comment)


I cannot keep up with the articles on the Durham probe, which is about the origins of the now-discredited Trump-Russia collusion narrative. You’ll recall that far-left Democrat Robert Mueller investigated Trump for 2 years, and found nothing. Then U.S. Attorney John Durham investigated the origins of the false collusion narrative. Unlike Mueller, he’s finding a lot.

I read a billion articles trying to find a summary in plain English for everyone to keep up, and here is what I found.

From The Stream:

Trump was right. Right all along.

Hillary Clinton’s lawyers hired a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers not only at Trump Tower, but at the White House, as part of their effort to falsely tie President Trump to Russia. That’s the explosive revelation found in a new filing by Special Counsel John Durham.

Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman went to the FBI with allegations that Trump was tied…

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