President Trump (and TGP) Got It Right – He Was Being Spied on – Those Who Claimed He Was Not Were Lying Political Hacks — The Gateway Pundit

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Yesterday reports from the Durham investigation showed that President Trump was indeed spied on. Once again the mainstream media is proven liars and President Trump and those who reported the truth (like us) are again proven right.

We reported on the fact that President Trump was spied on and the New York Times attacked us and said it wasn’t true. They were wrong.

In March 2017 The NY Times Attacked Gateway Pundit for Reporting Trump Was Spied On — They Insisted It Wasn’t True — We Are Still Waiting for Our Apology!

But yesterday the Durham investigation released reports showing Hillary Clinton’s campaign spied on President Trump.

Durham: Perkins Coie Allies Connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Spied on Trump’s Internet Traffic While Trump Was President

Today President Trump’s former Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Social Media, Dan Scavino, Jr., reminded us of what President Trump said and…

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