Clinton in ‘24 — A Coherent Observation

The core of the Deep State, read about it here! Oh! Is that O’Biden there? (Arlin Report comment)

As Joenochio’s (Joe + Pinocchio) polling numbers continue to go down the toilet, the Democratic Party is divided more ways than a pizza. The two largest pieces of the pie are the remaining moderates and the orthodox, extremists, radicals of the socialist progressive left, leaving a rather weak, small and dangerously unqualified bench. It’s become […]

Clinton in ‘24 — A Coherent Observation

4 thoughts on “Clinton in ‘24 — A Coherent Observation”

    1. Prison, solitary confinement! We have a court house here in Missouri that has a room upstairs with a hook in the ceiling. That is where hangings took place when the weather was too bad outside (so the hangings weren’t delayed). The room and the hook or still there. We’ve kept it for a reason!


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