Lawmakers (count is up to about 38 now….and mounting) want Biden to take cognitive test(s), ASAP. Yep the Big Guy! This same guy that supposedly spent an hour on the phone with Putin Friday (supposedly). Can you only imagine, this whimper of a president that struggles to read a teleprompter, stammers in press conferences/briefings (when he gives one), has to be corrected/reminded where he is; on a phone conversation with the Russian leader (Putin) during a tense crisis! I know the Biden Administration doesn’t want us to question anything (or we’re labeled domestic terrorists) BUT……..who is monitoring those calls? ‘ Hang on Vladi……Joe will be right back he had to go potty!’ Putin would need an interpreter, not for translation of words, but to put words together just to make some sense of it all! Putin would get more from a conversation with my 2 year old granddaughter. Seriously……….how many times have you listened to the Biden lectures and then said to yourself “What?, what is he even saying? What has Tinker Bell got to do with this?” Oh!! Joe’s mind is in Disney World! Putin has to be getting off the phone, shaking his head, laughing and saying “I don’t know what he (Biden) even said; this is going to be so easy!” I would bet deep down, Putin really does like being challenged. This WH doesn’t provide it! It is frightening that Joe Biden is in any discussion over “anything” of interests to the United States. National Security, this guy is in charge of our National Security? If I had family in the military right now, I’d be deeply concerned. Remember Joe’s mishandling of Afghanistan.

If they do test Joe’s mental capacity, we won’t know the true results. This is the Deep State testing one of their top (once top) Deep State players. Nothing is ever shown as it really is! They’ll tuck it away in a file and put it in a vault for 50 years. it is just that easy! Or burn it in the fireplace or flush it down the golden toilet! By now we should all know this is our corrupt government………working it’s daily business! Kamala will enter the room and proudly announce to all she did it…..”I got rid of all the evidence of Joe’s lost mind!” And this will be her greatest achievement as V.P.!

Now obviously I might be a little fetched here, but not too far! You have to at least wonder about it all! I was just asking questions ! Who’s that knocking on my door?

One thought on “Biden speaking to Putin? SCAREY ! ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY, OH AND JUST ASKING!!”

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