You Goin’ To Facebook Jail For THAT One!

The Butcher Shop

One of my Butcher Shop writers penned an article last night, which you may read here. It was articulate, well organized, topical, and suitable for young minds. As a matter of routine I blocked and arranged it, and it became the latest entry on The Butcher Shop.

Facebook took it upon itself to censor my writer’s work! First and foremost Facebook fact checkers are not editors, and most certainly not experts in political science! We have all become so accustomed to this type of draconian behavior coming out of this overblown dating service that we’ve grown to accept the edicts emanating from Zuckistan no matter how groundless or ill-advised they may be. Well, as the Prophet, Bob Dylan would put it Times They Are A Changing!

In an article some time ago, I warned Facebook about its arrogance. While I acknowledged its right to operate its little…

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