How sad the state of our country

The Butcher Shop

by Phillip Waite

  1. We have a a President that any honest person would have to admit we cannot say was duly elected.
  2. This President struggles physically to even step up to a podium for a normal press conference and is unable to take questions and articulate answers.
  3. The President obviously is not running the executive branch of the government as designated by the Constitution. (So who is?)
  4. Things are now so bad that the Democrats recognize it and some are pushing for a return of Hillary Clinton.
  5. It is doubtful if Biden will make it through his full term and if he does, he will limp across the finish line.
  6. We have a Congress and state legislatures filled with RINOs who don’t have the guts to call for an audit of the 2020 election, but want us to make certain the 2022 election is Red. (For what, more of the…

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