Bidenflation’s crushing impact on US households

I can look in the mirror when it comes to a response to this article, as someone suggested, but I only see my reaction. It ain’t me man, it’s Creepy Joe!

Seeing Red AZ

How low can Joe go?

Many remember the music craze imported from Trinidad known as the Limbo. As bystanders gathered around shouting encouragement, participants dancing to a drum beat would lower themselves and slither backwards under an increasingly dropping pole with a winner finally being declared amid great revelry. The words, “How low can you go,” were integral to the party theme.

Joe Biden must regard the music as his theme song as he attempts to keep his balance while not having his head hit the polls.

Biden’s most recent numbers would rate as dispiriting to even the most stalwart of dem politicos.

CNN, best described as an arm of the democrat party, illustrates Biden’s continuing-to-plunge, upside-down numbers (-15) on the Real Clear Politics polling aggregator of a wide range of sources on Thursday, February 10. The dismal polling continues to climb dramatically with 40.4% approving and 53.9% disapproving of…

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