Biden like a worm drying up in the sun light. Creepy Joe abandoning Americans ACT II

Below is a link to the story of what is going on at the Ukrainian border, by Yahoo, so take it with a grain of salt. Actually not so much of Yahoo’s left rhetoric.

Joe Biden speaking and saying little. Making predictions and weak threats. Biden says “Putin hasn’t made up his mind if he is going to invade the Ukraine”. JOE, UNLIKE YOU AND OBAMA PUTIN WON’T MAKE THAT KIND OF ANNOUNCEMENT, ………….HERE IS A CLUE: HE’D JUST DO IT! Unlike you he won’t tip off the media, no upfront statements or quotes………..He’ll get plenty of headlines anyway! Biden telling Americans the obvious. We don’t need him to explain what he can’t understand.

And Joe, thanks for warning Americans in the Ukraine that you won’t rescue them. You won’t go into the Ukraine to have Russian and American troops shooting at one another, it’d start ‘world war’. Well you moron you just confirmed to Putin what he already knew: You won’t protect Americans. So, we have a potential repeat of Afghanistan. I guess you will send them in for Ukrainians though hey? Hopefully you haven’t sent much military equipment ………….to just leave. More Ukrainian refugees headed our way, in place of Americans left behind?

How many times do we have to see this movie? Biden’s words are weak, his action weaker (if any). He is like a worm crawling across the driveway in the heat, just can’t make it to where he promises to go and dries up and is worthless, can’t even use for bait anymore. That is Joe Biden, worthless as a dried up worm.

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