My son was in Afghanistan in the mountains looking Bin Laden at the time…….Jerry was there investigating (choke) as well. My son said his commander wanted to kill little Jerry Rivers, not just for being in the way but for creating a narrative that he Rivers favored, to sell a story only he would have the up and up on. Bottom line he was putting American soldiers at risk. Rivers left a trail the Taliban could follow. Rivera is not liked by the military brass. Maybe Biden’s!

a "Backwoods" Conservative

For whatever reason it’s every once in a while that the geniuses at Fox News seem compelled to drag out that pathetic old leftwing loser Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, to provide us all with his rather skewed perspective on whatever might be the topic of the day, whether we want to hear it or not. And it was earlier this week that Jerry was again brought in to discuss, of all things, the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada. Now you would think that Jerry would have been very supportive of what these brave men and women are doing but, oddly enough, such was not the case. Not even close! Instead, Jerry had a very different take on what’s occurring north of the border.

You see, it was this past Wednesday during an appearance on FNC’s “The Story” that Jerry went off on another of his nutty rants, choosing to describe…

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