Nearly All Of America’s Newspaper Industries Are Lefty Fascistic Like The New York Times! Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, etcetera! etcetera!

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I detect an emerging trend in the anti-conservative mainstream media — using conservatives to attack other conservatives. The New York Times is leading the charge.

How else does one explain the Times publishing theop-edby “common good conservative” Adrian Vermuele attacking originalism? Or anop-edby three leading common good (or national) conservatives attacking the Republican foreign policy establishment?

The publication of the two pieces can partially be explained by the Times’ contempt for originalism and by its foreign policy dovishness. But the spectacle of conservative-on-conservative clash is surely the main selling point.

I’m not unhappy the op-eds were published. Though both seemflawed(the foreign policy piece is perhaps most noteworthy for its acknowledgement that many conservatives whom the authors view as their followers don’t agree with them on foreign policy, a point Damon…

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