When I graduated from Missouri Southern State U. I did so with a major in Political Science! BIG MISTAKE! What are you going to do with that? There are better options if you are going into law. Career politician. Poly-Sci doesn’t really prep you in that field either……..my Logics class did more! Years later I went back to a trade school and got certified as a Cardiology Tech. THAT prepared me for the Cardiology Lab I worked in later. My point here is, back in 1974……finding a job, any job was difficult. I eventually landed something (selling newspaper ads to merchants), low paying, but got some work experience. Not many of us landed our career jobs right away! Many took what they could find….again at least for some experience and to work up the ladder! I could leave my house right this moment and have a job in 30 minutes today; and not just flipping burgers! The pay would be pretty decent and there’d be room for career movement, and something else I didn’t have back in 74……health insurance benefits. Back in the day, you had to EARN everything you got………young people today have no idea, no appreciation and no desire! We have spoiled this generation and let them down with the direction we have allowed governments to lead us!

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What if we have a booming economy and nobody shows up?

ByJohn Horvat II at American Thinker:

The labor market is tight as employers scramble to find workers.Too many jobs are chasing too few workers.The official narrative is that the crisis is caused by the “Great Resignation,” a move in which workers are resigning in record numbers to seek more lucrative employment elsewhere.With the economy roaring back from the pandemic, companies are trying to lure them back with higher wages and benefits.Thus, the whole affair can be reduced to an economic problem of labor supply and demand.

The left proposes a major stimulus package to provide better jobs and benefits.New infrastructure projects will bring back more people and resolve the labor crisis.

Jobs are not a problem now.The present labor market consists of some ten million job openings, two jobs for every job-seeker.All people have to do is show…

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